Sunday, January 5, 2014

Honors: Portraiture

This quarter you will focus your work on portraits. They may be self portraits or portraits of friends, family members, pets--whoever you can get to sit for you. You will employ a variety of techniques and principles to do so.

Your first task is to review the below web links and make a blog post stating your thoughts, reactions, suppositions, etc.

This web page is presented by photographer Eddie Bonfigli and, as he states, "is intended as a brief and general outline of how" he approaches portraiture.

I like this page because the information given contradicts some of what Eddie Bonfigli. I think that this information is just as valid.

Finally, Digital Camera World gives this sound advice on ways to avoid making common mistakes when shooting portraiture.

Due Friday, January 10, is the blog post with your newly-gained insight and three stunning portraits.

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