Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Summer Shenanigans.

Just like many schools, we are making a transition to iPads as a tool. It will be interesting to see what applications we can put to use there as a means to impart information as well as assess the processing of that information. Two kids in one graphics class used iPads to create interactive books, and I think this may be a project that is used. But to publish the books is $500. Really expensive. But the book is fun and informational--if you like bears, ah, stuffed bears. Or more specifically, one stuffed bear and his shenanigans. Here is a post from Marc's blog site earlier this year.

This week, Chris and I are working on creating a book that will be available for the IPad. It is a Shakespearean version of Gus Green Bear. Mr. Runge has written a script for the book, and Chris and I are responsible for making the scenery and figures. Chris is mostly working on the actual bear that will be on the pages because he is a "master" at using shapes. I, on the other hand, am working on creating the scenery for each page in the book. This is one of the scenes that I have made so far. It is a beach scene. I am also currently working on a scene on a veranda at a restaurant named Raffles. It is not done, but it will be shortly.