Wednesday, October 30, 2013

This is great stuff!

"Photoshop is an extremely versatile application and offers and endless number of ways to accomplish the same task. With so many ways of producing the same effect, it can be difficult for users to understand which technique is the best for the task at hand. In this tutorial, we will explain 10 bad habits that you can break in Photoshop to help you work a bit more efficiently."

Monday, October 28, 2013

Tutorials for this week.

Do three of the tutorials on this page. Make sure to turn the piece into art that is distinctly yours.

This kid watched his neighbor make a propaganda piece and fell in love with the work. So he decided to make a piece with his name. Great job, I think.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Use text an a graphic... create a pleasing and yet informative message. You are to do one of the following:
make graffiti on a wall
put a disclaimers on a shipping crate
create a cautionary diagram on street a sign or instruction manuals.
Context matters!
Remember that you should do something that you have an emotional attachment. That is, if you don't care about dogs then don't make something about dogs. You should love or hate your subject matter. 
Also, consider how you will deliver your message should be delivered to your audience. Where would your audience be most likely to see it?

They've seen the light!

Yeah, my kids are just great. This piece was done by an Honors kid who is doing amazing work this year. I wish I could have had her one more year so that she could do AP, but she needs to move on to college. Where ever she goes that place will be better for having her!