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Monday, May 12, 2014

Honors, Advanced, and Beginning: Poster Contest

This year’s Fiesta is still days away, but organizers are already thinking about next year. The Fiesta San Antonio Commission is calling for entries for the official Fiesta San Antonio 2015 Poster Contest.
The contest is open to all artists who use traditional media — oil, acrylic or tempera paint, watercolors, illustrations or prints — or computer graphics.  Entries will be judged on concept, artistic imagery, visual presentation and merchandising adaptation. The winner will receive $5,000.
The deadline for submissions is 5 p.m. June 27. Entries must be submitted at the Fiesta Commission Office, 2611 Broadway.  For more information call 210-227-5191 or email
The 2014 Fiesta poster was designed by Marcelino Villanueva, a computer graphics artist in the San Antonio Express-News marketing department. Read about it here.

Honors, Advanced, and Beginning

If you are still working on a project, please finish it. All projects are due this Friday, May 9.

If you are caught up then start one of the following:

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Honors, Advanced, and Beginning Students

If you are working on the collaborative piece, then you will continue to do so. The piece will be due Friday, so make sure that the work that is left is equally distributed. One person should be responsible for compositing all of the work. Then the group can work together to make the final adjustments.

If you have an independent piece upon which you are currently working, then you must finish it by Friday.

For those of you who have completed your work you will begin this project: MY IDEAL WORLD

Conceptual Basis for Lesson:
What is your idea of an ideal world? Is it a world without fear, without pain, without suffering? In a world with growing fear and pessimism, we are losing hope for future generations. It is time that the younger generation captures a more hopeful vision of what the world they are inheriting could be.

"We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future." Franklin D. Roosevelt

Edward Hicks, an American folk artist, painted a humble collection of paintings that came from an
idea of the “Peaceable Kingdom” found in the book of Isaiah the prophet "the wolf shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid,". Hicks’s paintings consider a more optimistic outlook on what may be achieved. His images were symbolic of peace between two groups that were normally in confrontation with each other.

Edward Hicks, The Peaceable Kingdom (1826), National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC

Piet Mondrian was another artist who considered Utopian ideals in a movement of art known as De Stijl. This group of artists sought to express a utopian ideal of harmony and order. The works by
Mondrian advocated pure abstraction and universality by a reduction to the essentials of form and color. Mondrian’s vision of the utopian ideal relied on becoming purely simple rather than chaotic.

Piet Mondrian, Composition with Yellow, Blue, and Red, 1937–42, oil on canvas, 72.5 × 69 cm, Tate Gallery. London

Things to Consider:
Words that may be used as a symbol for initial idea.(peace, harmony, order)
View and analyze works done by Edward Hicks.
What is out of the ordinary?
What animals are seen together that normally are enemies?
What may be another illustration of this type of unorthodox relationships?
What does this relationship symbolize?

Look up works done by Piet Mondrian. Though he did not create Utopias in his artwork, he did consider Utopian ideals. Mondrian focused on his Utopian ideal of harmony and order pushed his abstraction to achieve his famously simple works.

Taken from Digital Wish and modified by me:

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Objectification of Women

If you have done or will do a vexel piece then you must read this linked article. We will discuss it in class.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Super Tut

Beginning kids, if you complete this tutorial and make a quality piece I will get rid of any zero and you will earn an A+ on the piece. If you have no zeroes then you will earn bonus points for doing this.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Advanced and Beginning

You are to complete the following tutorials.


Honors: Getting By

You are to go to the below link and read the article. You must select one of the six persons listed below Mr. Bowers and create three portraits of that person. Think about a setting that goes with their narrative. Instead of using an image of an age-accurate person you are to use an image of your peers.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Honors, Advanced, and Beginning

Choose a tutorial from the 100 listed on this page:

10 Ways to Create Professional and Organized PSD Files

"No matter what type of work you do in Photoshop, keeping organized PSD files is an extremely important task. This is especially important if you work with a team of designers, developers, or artists that need to use your Photoshop files later down the line. In this tutorial, I will share 10 useful tips and techniques that you can use to help create professional and organized PSD files. Let's get started!"
From design.tutsplus