Monday, January 20, 2014

Beginning: Go Crazy!

Using the skills and techniques you've developed up to this point in class, make an interesting piece of art. Keep these things in mind:
Why are you making this piece? Do you have an emotional attachment to it?
How will you construct the piece? Is this piece of your own design, or will you follow a tutorial to get where you want? If you follow a tutorial, how will you make it your own?
What is the context of your piece? How is this incorporated into the work? the background? subject matter?
How will you push yourself to learn more?

Here are some good places to get inspired. Once you go to the specific link for the art look around at the other art there:

"Levitation" by  Louis Stilling.

"no" by betaguy435.

"Underpass" by  ematoma123.

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