Monday, February 3, 2014

Beginning and Advanced: ΦΔΘ T-shirt Design.

Phi Delta Theta formal cruise to the Bahamas February 7-11. Make anything you want!
Simplified Crest




Colors: Azure and Argent
Founded: 1848
Motto: One man is no man
2nd Motto: All for one and one for all! Sword and Shield will Never fall! From this day 
      until I die, damn I’m proud to be a Phi!
FSU chapter: Florida Gamma

Some famous phi’s: Neil Armstrong, Lou Gehrig, Burt Reynolds (FSU), Wes Welker
FSU Phi Delt’s in athletics: #30 Ian Miller starting PG for FSU basketball, #75 Cam Erving award winning tackle for FSU football, #52 Bryan Stork award winning center for FSU football and projected 1st-2nd round pick in this upcoming NFL draft.

Phi Delta Theta International:

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