Monday, March 25, 2013

Political Art

You will make a gif animation for this project. It can be an image or text, but it has to move in at least five different ways, color, size, etc.

To take information about public policy and use it as an informative spring board to create your gif with a political message for the general population.

Driving Question:
How can art reflect and inform the public about policy-making agendas?

Consider this:
What policy do you care about?
How do you define general population?
What is public?
Remember that you have to have an emotional attachment to your project.

Individual Assignments
Choose 4 public policies and brainstorm 6 gifs that could represent the policy.
For each gif, list 4-5 colors or other elements that could adorn the gif.
Develop a final sketch for your chosen gif.

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