Thursday, January 3, 2013

Name self-portrait.

You are to use your name as a springboard to create a self-portrait. For example, I am named after two uncles (Mark and Joseph) and my last name comes from my grandfather. So I can composite three images: two of my uncles and one of my grandfather. Or, I can use the definitions of my names:
Mark is derived from the Latin Mars, who is the god of war.
Joseph is Hebrew and means gift given by the hand of god.
Runge is German and comes from either "runga," which was the stick or whip used by the drivers of carts or wagons or "runico" which came from wisdom holders.

So an image could be a warrior given by the hand of god to smack oxen.

Be as creative as you want, as this is the first art piece that you will create on your own.

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